Action Steps

Let Colorado State Legislators know the people support the Right to Rest!

Send a letter and call of support to the Local Government Committee for HB 1191 – The Right to Rest Act has been assigned to this committee. Hearing date to be determined. They need to know the people support the Right to Rest! Ask them to vote yes on HB 1191!

Here are the Committee Representatives’ names, districts, emails, and phone numbers:

Rhonda Fields, Chair – dist 42 –, 303-866-3911

Steve Lebsock, Vice-Chair – dist 34 –, 303-866-2931

Jani Arndt – dist 53 –, 303-866-2917

Jessie Danielson – dist 24 –, 303-866-5522

Gordon Klingenschmitt – dist 15 –, 303-866-5525

Clarice Navarro – dist 15 –, 303-866-2905

Kim Ransom – dist 44 –, 303-866-2933

Paul Rosenthal – dist 9 –, 303-866-2910

Lori Saine – dist 63 –, 303-866-2906

Jonathan Singer – dist 11 –, 303-866-2780

Dan Thurlow – dist 55 –, 303-866-3068


Here is a sample letter of support for hb1191 organizations can send

Here are some things you can say to the Representatives or their Aides:

• My name is ______ and I am contacting you to ask you to support HB 1191, The Right to Rest Act when it comes before the Local Government Committee.

• This bill will protect the rights of people experiencing homelessness to rest and move about in public spaces without fear of being moved along “somewhere else” with no where to legally be, ticketed and even arrested simply for trying to live. It is cruel and unfair to punish people for doing things like resting, sleeping, protecting their belongings, and sharing food in public spaces, when they have nowhere else to carry out these basic acts of survival.

• When Denver Homeless Out Loud surveyed nearly 500 unhoused people throughout Colorado, the results were startling. 70% of respondents reported being criminalized for sleeping, 64% for sitting/lying down, and 50% for loitering. Also, 61% have had their belongings taken by police or city employees. A similar survey done in Denver in 2012 found that 37% of respondents chose not to cover themselves in order to avoid violating the camping ban and being confronted by police. These findings show clearly that we need a state law to protect homeless people’s rights.

• People find themselves homeless after a job loss, a family breakup, a medical crisis, and for many other reasons. The homeless community includes families with children, elders, women, disabled people and veterans. They need affordable housing, jobs and living wages–NOT laws that make their lives harder and prolong their homelessness.

• I support this bill because _______________. (Explain any personal experience/knowledge you have and how it relates to this bill.) Please show you care how homeless Coloradans are treated by supporting the Right to Rest Act!

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