Right to Rest Fest was a Fest! We will not be silenced!!!

Right to Rest Fest was a Fest! We will not be silenced!!!
Over 200 people came out to stand up for the Right to Rest at the Fest on Monday!!! People came from cities across the state including Fort Collins, Boulder, and many nearby suburbs where homeless folks in Denver have been swept. Over 30 people spoke calling for the Right to Rest. At least 16 of these people came from the streets with lived experience of homelessness and the inescapable need for this bill. We had tons of delicious food provided by FNB, Sexy Pizza, and Blue Point Bakery. Bike’s were fixed by Bike Pit. Cloths was gather. Everyone (should have) gotten a R2R t-shit. And good times were had by all!!!
Watch video of the Fest here
You can watch all most all of the speeches! And you can even watch our fabulous MC Jerry if you want to re-heard those jokes:)
Stay tuned for updates on the hearing date and committee. Get ready to start calling legislators soon to tell them you are counting on their vote for our survival…! It will take all of us speaking up…

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