The Right to Exist in Public is for ALL! Listen to Testimony

Push us out of public, NO MORE. All people must have the right to rest and exist in public! 
Homeless Go Home

 by Nili Yosha
Throughout history, municipalities have used mean-spirited and discriminatory laws to keep select people out of public spaces and the public consciousness. Examples of these policies include Jim Crow laws in the segregated South, where “Sundown Towns” prohibited non-white people from being present at night, and California’s “Anti-Okie” law which, in the 1930’s, made it illegal to bring extremely poor people into the state. Until the 1970’s, several American cities had on the books “ugly laws” to prohibit people with disabilities from being seen in public.
The Right to Rest Acts, currently being heard in Colorado, Oregon, and California, aim to end this trend of criminalizing existence in public space.
Listen to director of Western Regional Advocacy Project, Paul Boden’s testimony on this at our Colorado Right to Rest hearing:
Come to the Right to Rest hearing (part 2) on April 27 at 1:30pm

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