Colorado Right to Rest Act live – HB 15-1264!!

Colorado Right to Rest Act has been introduced!! HB 15-1264 Read the bill here 

THANKS to all who have helped us make the Right To Rest a bill in Colorado! HB 15-1264 is sponsored by Representatives Salazar and Melton and Senator Kefalas and is co-sponsored by Representatives Buckner, Esgar, Fields, Ginal, Lebsock, Primavera, Moreno, Winter! 11 Sponsors in total!!! 

On Wednesday, the Colorado Right to Rest Act was made public. This is legislation to end the alarming trend of cities passing laws that criminalize the basic civil rights of homeless individuals. HB 15-1264, known as the ”Right to Rest Act,” would, among other things, protect the rights of homeless people to move freely, rest, eat, and have privacy of your belongings in public space as well as protect ones right to occupy a legally parked motor vehicle.

Our Colorado Right to Rest Act is one of three proposed to state legislators this session! Through Western Regional Advocacy Project California, Oregon, and Colorado all are running the same Right to Rest Act together! Check out the three states bills here

We are going to be asking for your help along the way! Here are three ways you can help right now:

Step 1: Write a letter of support to our bill sponsor ASAP

Download Sample Support Letter Here or see it attached

Step 2: Please share this support letter with your networks who support every Coloradan’s Right To Rest!

Step 3: If your organization has not yet endorsed the Homeless Bill of Rights Campaign you can still do so here 


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